Architectural Services

Basic services are what the architect needs to do for every design. These services are considered basic, because an owner should expect each of these to be included in a standard agreement. Basic services include the following:

  1. Programming
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Construction Administration

Site Evaluation

Buying a raw piece of land presents many exciting opportunities. However, there are typically many constraints that could potentially limit your use of what seems to be the perfect property. We can help you evaluate whether a parcel can live up to your dreams.  


We offer in-house photo real renderings and presentations. Including still images as well as video animations. These services make it easy to visualize the final design. 


The interiors of our projects are an important part of the overall architecture. At  best the building design is a complete thought that unifies the interior and exterior. We offer complete interior design services whether through our office or in coordination with an outside interior designer,  

Project Feasibility

Every project has a budget . However, there are many factors that control feasibilty of a project.  As the name implies, a feasibility analysis is used to determine the viability of an idea, such as ensuring a project is legally and technically feasible as well as economically justifiable. It can demonstrate to us whether a project is worth the investment—in some cases, a project may not be achievable.

Landscape Design

Our building designs connect the interior spaces to the exterior and landscape. They are designed as complete indoor / outdoor environments.  We can offer landscape / hardscape  concepts and work in coordination with landscape architects and installers.   

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